Highlight: Here are our best tips to help you be confident when you have online interviews. 

An interview is just an interview. There is nothing to worry about whether it’s a physical or a digital one.

Is that what you think? Well, you should then try taking an online interview to understand the difference. But make sure it’s just trial and not with a company where you’re actually willing to get a job otherwise, you’d lose your chance.

Based on our analysis, online interviews are quite different from the traditional ones. I mean you don’t need to open the door, walk towards the interviewer, shake hands with them, and then sit on the chair. You’re already sitting on your chair for the interview. You simply attend the video call and the interview begins.

So, the online interviews eliminate those body language cues that were considered to be helpful in making a great impression during the traditional interviews. However, there are still several options that can boost your confidence in online interviews.

Three Ways to Have More Confidence in Online Interviews

A vast majority of people claim that they can’t maintain their confidence during an online interview while they’ve successfully completed a number of interviews in the past. Well, that’s because online interviews are a new concept for most people. So, you need to follow a different kind of approach to maintain your confidence in online interviews.

Hopefully, the following tips will help you with maintaining your confidence during an online interview.

Practice Speaking Out Loud

We usually hours preparing for the interview so we may provide an appropriate answer for questions the interviewer may ask. Now, when we’re practicing alone, we rarely speak out loud because we’re actually talking to ourselves. So, we can easily hear ourselves even if we don’t utter a word from the mouth.

But when it comes to taking the online interview, we’re supposed to sit at a distance from the laptop’s screen. And here, we need to speak out loud due to which we often get nervous because we didn’t practice it earlier. So, when you’re practicing for the online interview, you must consider speaking out loud rather than whispering.

The best way to master this skill is to stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself. You may also record your video with a smartphone and see how you’d sound during the interview. It helps with eliminating the flaws that may show a lack of confidence during an online interview.

Maintain Eye Contact

You may questions how can we maintain eye contact with someone when we’re both facing the camera. It’s a common mistake people make during an online interview due to which they can’t make a great impression.

You can adjust your laptop’s screen in a way that may make the interviewer feel that you’re looking at the camera instead of the screen. The laptops usually have cameras installed on the top due to which we can’t look at the camera and the interviewer at the same time.

Therefore, we recommend buying a webcam that can be adjusted accordingly. There is nothing wrong with spending a few extra bucks as long as it helps with securing a job. By maintaining proper eye contact, you can easily convince the interviewer that you aren’t nervous at all. Even if you haven’t purchased a separate camera, you should place the laptop in a place where you can’t look at things that may grab your attention.

Speak Slowly

When we’re nervous, we can’t control ourselves once we start speaking. And we often end up saying things that aren’t even necessary for the interview. Some candidates are even dragged away from the real topic without even realizing it. You must practice speaking slowly so you may not get lost from the track.

You don’t lose your consciousness while you’re slowly answering the questions. And it enables you to maintain your confidence throughout the interview.

No matter which field you belong to, you’d soon have to appear for an online interview to get a job because the world is changing drastically. And if you haven’t taken an online interview before, your chances of getting nervous are pretty high. That’s why we’ve brought information about three was to have more confidence in online interviews. Hopefully, you’d be able to secure a job if you follow these tips during online interviews.