If you want tangible RESULTS in Just One Day, and you want to know how to own the stage with your authentic voice and
presence every time you speak… then this boot camp is for you.

Reduce Your Speaking Anxiety

Increase Your Confidence

Quickly Build Rapport, Engage AND Empower People.

Easily Deal With The Pressures Of Being In The Spotlight.

Bridge The Gaps, Truly Connect

Increase Your Impact And Learn How To Be Relatable.

Be Prepared And On The Ball When Addressing Any Group Or Audience.

This Workshop is For:

Professionals who want to Increase their Presentation Skills, their Confidence, their ability to
Easily Connect and Engage …. dramatically in just ONE DAY.

You will build your confidence and learn practical techniques that will help you deliver
outstanding presentations by the end of the day.


What to Expect:

If you want ‘A RAH RAH‘ session, with you only practicing one or two times this is not the intensive for you!

On the other hand, if you want tangible RESULTS in just one day, and you want to know how to

Own the Stage with your Voice and Presence EveryTime You Speak… then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE.

Here’s what we’re doing…

We’re going to spend 1 full day with ONE primary focus…

Help you become a Powerhouse Speaker who Easily Connects Engages and Commands Attention with Every Word.


Relaxation techniques to overcome fear of public speaking.

Capture and hold the attention of your audience

Identify and Eliminate your crutch words such as “um”, “ah”, “well” etc.

Express your ideas easily and powerfully

Learn how to stop using notes when you present

Leverage solid tips for delivering a message with greater impact

Examine a variety of methods and tools to strengthen your message

Recognize how structure, content and delivery work together to heighten impact

Participants will participate in “a lot” of practical exercises throughout the day and will progressively build up their communication skills during the boot camp.

Key skills and techniques are developed in an informal, risk-free environment.

Personal feedback is an essential element of the training and each participant will receive plenty of individual coaching during the day.

Participants will be presenting numerous times throughout the entire day.

“The only way to improve your speaking and presentation skills is to Speak, Present, Speak,  Present, Speak, Present and Repeat.”

***We will be recording and playing back all day long***


At the end of the day, YOU will be presenting a TEDX style talk in front of a Brand New Audience.


This One Day Intensive is Designed for the Professional Who Wants Results Now!

In This One Day, You Are Completely Set Up For Success, You Will Have…

A Learning Environment Specifically Designed For Action Taking And Immediate Results 

By learning and using the skills and systems needed for public speaking success during the event, your
start to reprogram yourself and your current habits for immediate and long-term success by doing the right things.

Step by Step Practical information  

By identifying proven strategies that work for YOU and learning how to use them to increase your
speaking presence and confidence, you can’t lose. 

The next best thing besides experience is having a mentor who is doing exactly what you want to do.
That’s what you will have access to for the full day event

Constant Feedback For Immediate Improvement  

By being coached by an expert who has successfully coached countless politicians, executives,
business professionals, athletes and more, showing them how to own any platform,  who can teach
you to do the same…your learning curve just about becomes a straight line.  

You get immediate feedback on your speaking, your presence,  everything…so it’s hard not to succeed.

Accountability Throughout the Day 

When you start seeing people improve each and every time they get up to speak
(everyone will be speaking NUMEROUS times throughout the day) it shows you what’s possible…
These are results that you too can get by using the exact steps we teach you that day.

Everything is set so you can have the success you have been wanting…you will have everything you need
and be surrounded by the right people who are ready to show you exactly what to
Increase your Confidence, Clarity, Power  when speaking on any platform in just 1Day.

There’s just no other option but for you to succeed…all you need to do is make the
right decision to be there.


Early Bird $797 + HST until March 21st
After March 21st, $997 + HST


If you want tangible RESULTS in Just One Day, and you want to know how to own the stage
with your authentic voice and presence every time you speak… then
Naturally Confident Speaker Boot Camp
is for you.