Here are a few ways that you can own the room and feel confident speaking to any size group.

First, I want you to pause and recognize what happens to you when you get up in front of a group to speak. Acknowledge it and own it.
If you feel vulnerable, anxious or nervous when you’re speaking, it could be that you have given your audience the power to reject you. Which means that you’re focusing on the worst possible outcome.

Acknowledge and accept that you are the powerful one when you are speaking. Don’t let it get to your head – but it’s true. By virtue of you alone standing up and speaking, you have complete control of the room.

You have created a presentation or talk where you’re sharing your ideas, experience, expertise, etc. with the audience.

If you have prepared well and know your stuff, then they will definitely benefit from what you say. That alone puts you in the power position.

Find a mantra to repeat to yourself.
For example, you might say:
“I am here because I have a useful and powerful message to share, or I know what I am sharing can help people.”

Such a mantra can ground you with confidence and authority when you speak.

Next, look at the people in your audience who are responding to you in a positive manner. Your nervousness and insecurity may draw you to focus on the faces of those who look distracted or inattentive, but by looking at the captivated faces, you’ll bolster your confidence and power.
Never forget, the energy is yours to create. If you present with a lot of energy they will feel it.

Own your topic, share your experience, opinions, and expertise and own the room.

Karen D