Highlight: Body language you should know for communicating with power and strength anywhere you are. 

Do you know that body language is the most effective way of asserting control and communicating power and strength?

No matter what type of message you’re conveying, it doesn’t make an impact on the audience if your actions don’t support your words. Let’s say, you’re conveying a strong and powerful message with your shoulders slumped.

Do you think it will make an impact on the people you’re talking to? Any sensible person would agree that body language can make a world of difference while you’re interacting with others. The question is which body language cues can actually add value to the message you’re conveying.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the aspects that can help with building a confident personality. So, without any further, let’s talk about the five confident body language cues you can adapt to improve your personality.

Maintain Appropriate Eye Contact

Maintaining proper eye contact shows that you’re confident, approachable, and honest. When someone breaks eye contact during a conversation, it shows that they’re hiding something or feeling uncomfortable. Maintaining proper eye contact doesn’t mean that you start staring aggressively at the other person. They will find it inappropriate and they’d also feel uncomfortable.

It’s basically a shared experience where you need to make sure that you both feel comfortable during the conversation. It’s just about showing that you aren’t feeling shy and you’re paying attention to the other person’s words.

Proper Facial Expressions

Your Facial Expressions are a clear reflection of your thoughts even if you don’t utter a single word from your mouth. While you’re maintaining proper eye contact with the other person, you must keep in mind that they’re also monitoring your facial expressions during the conversation. Even an inappropriate move of your eyebrow can annoy the other person.

So, you must carefully control your facial expressions while interacting with others. We recommend keeping up with the standard face looks because it makes you feel comfortable. In most cases, you can make a good impression by wearing a smile on your face. But it doesn’t work all the time especially if you don’t have a habit of wearing a smile.

Have a Memorable Handshakes

The handshake is normally the first physical connection we make with someone when we meet them for the first time. Some of you might not know but the handshake is automatically stored in a person’s memory and it explains a lot about your personality.

So, when you’re meeting someone, you must walk toward them with a smile on your face and extend your hand at least halfway into the shared space. Make sure that your grip doesn’t make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Watch your Hands

Won’t you feel embarrassed if you jabbed your finger in his or her face? Mostly, people feel offensive when you point a finger at them. So, whenever you feel the need of pointing your finger, you need to point it toward an open palm. It’s a better way of building trustworthiness.

Similarly, if you start twirling your hair during the conversation, it shows that you are feeling nervous. Now, putting your hands in your pockets is definitely not a good idea. You just need to control inappropriate moves of hands and only use them when it feels necessary.

Responding to Nonverbal Cues of Others

Paying attention to the nonverbal cues of others is also very important. You must provide an appropriate response whenever you feel that the other person needs more explanation or if they agree with your thoughts or not. It’s a great way of showing empathy and it helps with building trust.

Everybody likes to look confident while communicating with others but only a few can actually make it happen. That’s because people don’t adopt the body language cues that can make an amazing impression. Hopefully, you’d confidently convey your message to others if you followed the five body language cues we’ve described in this article. And if you need more help with building confidence, you may get in touch with us.