It’s time to watch your body language. 70% of communication is nonverbal which means it comes through body language

If this is something that we know we have to be intentional about our body language and aware of body language cues that we should stay away from.

When you have confident body language that helps to demonstrate that you’re in control of yourself and that you believe that you have worthy contributions to make to the conversation.

When you project confidence with your body language and your physicality, the people around you are more likely to experience you that way.

Tip #1
Keep your body open

When you initially start a conversation or start to speak don’t cross your legs or cross your arms. A relaxed person is open to any and all conversations and displays that by showing their hands. Also, try to steer away from keeping your hands in your pocket this can also suggest that you’re uncomfortable or you’re not as confident as you could be.

Tip #2
Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is key to show that you’re confident. It shows that you’re present and that you’re a part and involved in the conversation

Depending on the era in which you grew up you may have been to look at the other person‘s fore head or look in between the other persons eyes or even worse look at the person’s nose. If that’s you and that’s what you learned, stop it NOW.

Here is what actually happens, you make the other person feel uncomfortable because instead of focusing on their eyes you’re looking at somewhere else on their face and it becomes distraction to them because they feel that something is wrong with them which is why you’re not looking in their eyes.

Now you don’t want to have a staring contest. But you do want to intentionally look in their eyes and simply lose eye contact every now and then so it doesn’t become over bearing.