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If you’ve ever been told that confidence was about “Faking It Until You Make It”
from other Gurus, I call BS!
Most people believe that confidence strategies and tactics alone will help them “feel” more confident. You’re told to “stand up straight in a confident posture” or “say text book affirmations in the mirror”…
And while those things CAN be helpful, they won’t get you anywhere until you understand this ONE thing:
Confidence isn’t something you FEEL.
It’s an attitude…and it’s a behaviour.
And guess what?
It’s completely within your control (without having to FAKE IT).
The secret to OWNING your confidence starts with your self-belief.
And I’ll show you exactly how to transform that self-belief with my…

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Learn How to Speak up, Master your Body Language and Be Heard in your Relationships

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This is not your typical online confidence program! I’ve called it “Bootcamp” because I promise you’ll get the knowledge and be able to use what I share as soon as you finish each module.
This program will disrupt your current perceptions about self -confidence and what it means to speak up all together. It will take everything you thought to be true about confidence and reset it in a manner that has you; redefining who you are, what it means to speak up, and how to own your voice and confidence in any setting.
Ladies, there is a special section in here called “Lady Talk” that will have you becoming 100% solid in who you are.

Through this course, you will learn…

  • How to strengthen your overall confidence and self-esteem
  • How to overcome various fears including; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of saying the wrong thing +++
  • How to enhance your personal and professional relationships
  • Strategies to reduce negative self-talk and improve your communication skills overall.
  • How to Speak up for yourself, without feeling guilty
  • Body Language cues that helps and hinders your confidence and how you’re perceived

And lots more!!

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By the end of the program, your overall confidence will be unshakeable, you will know how to speak up with stronger confidence, ask for what you want without feeling guilty, master your body language and know how to be heard in your relationships, both personal and professional.

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Module 1: Kick Ass Confidence
In this module you’ll learn how to redefine confidence altogether; how it truly works, confidence killers and what courage has to do with the confidence equation.

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Module 2: Lady Talk
This module has a  mix of old and new knowledge that will help you leverage your feminine assets in stead of pacifying them, and holds  information that will help you show up more courageously, confidently and with more power.

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Module 3: Your Words Always Matter
In this model we go deep on self- belief and the huge part it plays in your ability to think and act confidently.  This module is a true Disruptor on all levels. You will learn about the lies that have kept you where you are up until this point, and how to transform them into new truths that skyrocket your ability to show up confidently in any setting.

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Module 4: Moving from Unheard to Noticed
In this module we will explore why you feel unheard when you speak or why you “are” unheard when you speak. You’ll learn the various “speaking” types and which one will you’ll need to adopt to be noticed, heard and more impactful in any setting.

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Module 5: Speaking Up and Being Heard in Your Relationship 
If you’ve ever struggled with saying what’s on your mind  in your relationship (professional or personal), then this module is for you.  It will shine a light on how differently men and women communicate and more importantly, it will give you tangible tools to help you enhance your communication skills overall.

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Module 6: Mastering Confident Body Language
In this module you will learn how to read other people’s body language and master your own. From hand gestures, to facial expressions, to sitting positions, you will have the “coles” on what positive and negative body language looks like and how to use it to your advantage.


All video modules are concise, laser focused, value packed and the information shared is immediately usable.

The information in this Bootcamp is exactly what Karen uses when coaching her celebrity and senior executive clients. Valued at OVER $3000

Plus a BONUS:
My Signature Video Library of “Laser Confidence Hacks”
(Value $300)


Investment Only

Only $797 (Reg.$1597)

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Investment Only

ONLY $797 (Reg.$1597)


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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Karen Donaldson, the creator of the Confidence Bootcamp Karen Donaldson…


I’m a life lover and committed to showing individuals how to speak up, be more confident in their own skin, connect, engage and inspire through their communication. 
I’m a Best-Selling Author, Celebrity Communication, Body Language and Certified Confidence Coach and Speaker who has over 20 years of training and experience in self-leadership, personal performance, motivation strategies, presentation and public speaking skills. I have worked with some of North America’s biggest corporate teams (ING Direct, University of Toronto, Proctor and Gamble, Manulife Financial, Government of Canada) and I’m the secret weapon behind many high-powered CEO’s, celebrities, senior managers and politicians.  I’ve appeared on Breakfast Television, CTV Toronto, CTV News Channel and am a regular Communications and Body Language contributor to Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine and Bustle. In addition, my work has been featured in various publications including; Huffington Post, Post City, and I’m a regular guest on various top podcasts.


>> Get Your Confidence Bootcamp for Women, Today >>
Investment Only

ONLY $797 (Reg.$1597)



Here’s why you should do this now!

Here is one last message from me to you…
My mission is to remind you that your voice matters, it always has, and always will.
Most important,  I am here for anyone who is ready to step into the person they know they should be.
Forever sending positive energy your way!
Karen D xoxo


*There are no refunds or returns after purchase.

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