How to Have the Confidence to Ask for What you Want at Work?

Highlight: You deserve it, you want it, and here’s how you can ask for it confidently.  So, you don’t have the confidence to ask for an increment or promotion while you know that you really deserve it. Don’t worry, it’s a common problem people often face in the workplace. In fact, a promotion or pay […]

Three Ways to Have More Confidence in Online Interviews

Highlight: Here are our best tips to help you be confident when you have online interviews.  An interview is just an interview. There is nothing to worry about whether it’s a physical or a digital one. Is that what you think? Well, you should then try taking an online interview to understand the difference. But […]

Five Confident Body Language Cues

Highlight: Body language you should know for communicating with power and strength anywhere you are.  Do you know that body language is the most effective way of asserting control and communicating power and strength? No matter what type of message you’re conveying, it doesn’t make an impact on the audience if your actions don’t support […]

Three Psychology Backed Confidence Exercises

Highlight: Importance of confidence-building and why these exercises will help you. Over the years, you must have received a number of confidence-building tips from your friends and relatives. But did those techniques actually work? Had those techniques worked, you wouldn’t have been looking for its solution anymore. Do you know the reason why those tips […]

6 Habits of Highly Successful People BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

  [Reality Check for Everyone] 6 Habits of Highly Successful People BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Bull S#1! or…6 Habits of Happy people, Who Live Life on Their Terms and Love the Life they Live. Here is my concern with all of these lessons going around re habits of highly successful people. They are great BUT, Just […]

Confident Body Language that Says you’re in Control of Yourself.

It’s time to watch your body language. 70% of communication is nonverbal which means it comes through body language If this is something that we know we have to be intentional about our body language and aware of body language cues that we should stay away from. When you have confident body language that helps […]

How To Be More Approachable

Has someone ever told you that you’re unapproachable? Or do you ever feel like when you go out somewhere, you’re the last person people come up to? Well, let’s have a conversation about how you can be and look more approachable. Use this one powerful tip to help you feel more comfortable, be more open […]