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Speak Like You Breathe: Straight Talk To Say What You Mean, Be Heard & Get Noticed is practical, to the point, easy read, for anyone who is ready to be heard, get noticed and communicate with ease and more confidence.

This is not your typical public speaking book. This book will disrupt your current perceptions about public speaking altogether, and help you reset what speaking publicly means to you. Here is the reality, speaking is not new to you, you’ve been speaking from just a few days old, you speak every day of your life.

You’ve always had an authentic voice, and you were born knowing how to connect with people. My intention is to show you how to reclaim who you have always been. That one of a kind unique being, with opinions and ideas that are worth more than dollars and cents, with a powerful voice that needs to be heard.

Price: $8.00 CAD

In How To Live A Life Of No Excuses Karen explores the truth about excuses; where excuses originate from, why we make them, what we lose by making them and how to remove them from your life.

She shares her personal story of how she stopped living in her excuses and made the intentional choice to choose to have everything in her life.

The aim of How to Live a Life with No Excuses is to give you the tangible tools and know how so you can create a no excuses mentality, and get results in all areas of your life. No more procrastination, no more feeling of overwhelming, no more plateau and no more time management issues.

Simply stated; When you lose your excuses you’ll find your results.

Price: $8.00 CAD

What would it be like if fearing public speaking was no longer your reality? What if you could easily and confidently speak in any setting?

Karen Donaldson’s philosophy is:
“No one truly fears public speaking, it’s a myth. What people fear is the unknown, not public speaking itself.”

Karen Donaldson is the secret weapon behind many of Europe & North Americas, top executives, politicians, senior leaders and successful entrepreneurs showing them exactly how to easily connect, engage and increase impact through their communication.

In this book Speak Like You Breathe Karen Donaldson’s only goal is to help people speak confidently, with ease, get out of their head and squash the “I fear public speaking more than death” theory. Speaking publicly can be as simple as a conversation.

She shares how anyone can:

Own their authentic voice in any setting
Easily speak with increased confidence
Reset and eliminate their fear of public speaking
Easily engage and connect with any audience.
And more!

Allow Karen to show you why no one truly fears public speaking and how to become a naturally confident speaker.

Price: $8.00 CAD