Karen is the secret weapon behind many North American and European CEO’s, CMO’s, VP’s, Partners, Politicians, Senior Managers, Directors, Superintendents, Sales teams, Business Professionals and successful entrepreneurs when it comes to powerful and confident communication.

Whether it’s helping clients develop and deliver a 5-minute pitch and winning a billion dollar US Army account, helping politicians genuinely connect and engage with their stakeholders, or helping professionals develop the skills to powerfully yet concisely deliver presentations leading to advancements in their employment…Karen is your lady.

“It’s all about strengthening your ability to authentically connect engage and inspire whomever you speak to, no matter what the topic,” says, Karen

She is known by many as the Un-Traditional Communication coach who show you exactly how to own your voice on any platform, whether its’s on a stage, behind closed doors or over the phone.

Karen is an Executive Public Speaking Coach, Communication & Body Language Expert, Certified Confidence Coach and International Speaker with clients around the globe Karen has been speaking to and working with audiences for over 20 years and has spoken to some of the toughest and most judgmental audiences out there. She is also a guest communication and body language expert on local and national media.

Karen has a well-recognized expertise at driving community and team initiatives. She actively spearheaded the community development efforts to convert Canada’s first public housing developments to a vibrant mixed income community. Karen has developed numerous partnerships between the public and private sector on a Provincial and National basis. She has served as Sr. Specialist Health Partnerships for one of Canada’s largest health charities.

Karen has built a commendable record of training groups and individuals across a wide range of industries in creating and sustaining high-performance leaders and teams.